Words Inspire, Words Motivate, Words Matter

We love the art of writing, the adventure of communications and the challenge of business. Combining the three has given us an enormous opportunity to contribute to the success of our clients. Skills forged in newsrooms and corporate towers have prepared a solid foundation for marketing and public relations programs that help businesses and institutions thrive.

At the heart of every effective communications initiative is great writing. We give clients the edge they need to raise their profiles, enhance their reputations and serve their customers.  


  • Web Content and Digital Markleting – Your website is at the center of your brand. Build it, enhance it, grow it. Use it to tell your story, then raise your profile through affordable, targeted social-media marketing initiatives that lead customers to your site and then to your front door. 


  • News Releases – Inspire editors and reporters to take action through compelling news releases that carry the energy of your announcement straight to newspapers, news casts and web pages. 


  • Advertising – Make an impression with advertising copy we create to reflect the integrity, commitment and imagination you bring to your clients and customers every day. 


  • Opinion Columns and Letters to the Editor – Do you have an opinion? Make your voice heard in guest columns, letters to the editor and blogs. Seasoned through years of writing for CEOs, corporate executives and public figures, we can frame your point, publish your argument and make it stick.    


  • News Writing and Feature Writing – Short on staff, long on content needs? We offer two decades of experience in print journalism, capable of tackling any assignment ranging from hard news and feature writing to business and high tech.


  • Copy Writing – Brochures, pamphlets and postcards are in a state of peril almost from the moment they slide off the press. Do not let your cards be sentenced to life as a bookmark. Arm them with crisp, compelling writing that screams value and opportunity to clients and customers.   


  • Grant Writing – You have contributed much, but you can offer even more. All you need is some extra support from others who care as much as you do. We are an experienced advocate with communication skills you need to earn the trust and support of benefactors.


  • Award Applications – There are few endorsements more powerful than recognition from an objective third party. While you are working hard to serve and create value for others, let us help you compete for the acknowledgment and the accolades that distinguish you and your company from the competition.  



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